MA Wrestling


Skills: Judo; Wrestling
Techniques: Arm Lock; Breakfall; Choke Hold; Ground Fighting (Judo or Wrestling); Head Lock; Leg Lock; Low Fighting (Judo or Wrestling); Wrench (Limb)
Cinematic Skills: Immovable Stance; Mental Strength; Power Blow; Pressure Points
Cinematic Techniques: Backbreaker; Lethal Strike; Roll with Blow
Perks: Iron Hands; Sure-Footed (Slippery); Sure-Footed (Uneven)

Optional Traits

Secondary Characteristics: Improved HP and FP
Advantages: Fit or Very Fit; Combat Reflexes; High Pain Threshold
Disadvantages: Bloodlust; Overconfidence
Skills: Brawling
Perks: Power Grappling; Technique Mastery (Judo Throw)

MA Wrestling

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