MA Brawling


Skills: Karate; Sumo Wrestling
Techniques: Back Kick (Karate); Counterattack (Karate); Elbow Strike (Karate); Exotic Hand Strike (Karate); Feint (Karate); Hammer Fist (Karate); Kicking (Karate); Knee Strike (Karate); Sweep (Karate); Trip (Sumo); Uppercut (Karate)
Cinematic Skills: Kiai; Power Blow; Pressure Points; Push
Cinematic Techniques: Lethal Strike (Karate); Pressure-Point Strike (Karate)
Perks: Clinch (Karate); Iron Hands; Neck Control (Karate); Special Exercises (DR 1 with Tough Skin); Special Exercises (Striking ST+1)

Optional Traits

Secondary Characteristics: Improved Basic Speed and HP
Advantages: Combat Reflexes; Fit or Very Fit; Hard to Subdue; High Pain Threshold
Disadvantages: Bloodlust; Overconfidence; Reduced Appearance
Skills: Breath Control; Running
Techniques: Ground Fighting (Karate); Low Fighting (Karate)

MA Brawling

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