House Rules

Below is a list of house rules in effect. Each rule is followed by a page number where the rule can be located or is linked to the rule, in such cases as they are not presented in a book.

Basic Set

Limited Enhancements – B111
Modifying Dice + Adds – B269
Optional Jumping Rules: ST & Jumping – B352
Extra Effort in Combat – B357
Changing Posture in Armor – B395
Bleeding – B420
Accumulated Wounds – B420
Last Wounds – B420
High HP and Healing – B424
Damage to Shields – 484

Gurps: Martial Arts

Targeted Attacks – MA68
Combinations – MA80
Chapter 4 – Combat
Custom Quality Levels – MA216

More possibly to come….


Unique Backgrounds for High Abilities
Reduced Duration Limitation added
The Character Sheet is a rough draft for the first adventure.
Abilities sold off for points do not count toward the disadvantage limit
Fast-Draw is a weapon skill-specific perk called Quick Draw.

House Rules

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