Just beyond the pulsating effulgence of the fire’s light, in that flickering twilight where your eyes strain to catch glimpses of some evanescent shape in the night, something catches the eye. Somewhere across the moors, an owl cries out, or was it warning blast from an elf’s horn? Hairs stand at attention as general chills advance up the spine and beads of sweat poise themselves on the brow. White knuckles rap around and warm the leather hilt of the sword as eyes dart to and fro. An itch assaults the eye and the omen is made painfully clear – something bad is about to happen.

Welcome to Elyria, a world cast into darkness by the downfall past civilizations and the loss of knowledge, a world where trolls and ogres haunt the woods and goblins threaten to steal babies for their stews, a world where even a lowly slave can fight his way to fame, freedom, and glory, a world of myth, legend, superstition, and magic where fairytales come to life.